Fertilized eggs in an incubator

A new egg story !


Here’s a new egg story and I hope a futur chick one ! 🙂

How it all started

Silver laced wyandotte


Autumn comes and I have a few eggs remaining in the incubator. I use these eggs to do fertility tests and I hate interrupting life cycles…Usually I place them under brooding hens, this way I always have fertilized eggs at my disposal if any of my hens want chicks. This is a good solution in most cases.

Here in Brahmaland we don’t have any broody hens at the moment and my lack of space to welcome new chicks properly prevents me from letting them hatch.

What shall I do with the eggs ? Terrible question…

THE solution !

While talking to Camille the other day, she tells me that she has 3 hens taking turns on two eggs ! Here’s THE solution I was waiting for ! 🙂

Hen laying in straw


The happy moms are  :

  • Scarlett (silver laced wyandotte)
  • Birdy (pekin bantam crossed wyandotte)
  • Blacky ( a local mix !)

We just have to find a way to work out our schedules in order to take the eggs from Brahmaland to Camille’s place, 15 minutes away. Even if we work together on this blog, the Facebook page, and youtube channel, we don’t see each other very often (unfortunately), we usually work together online.

An appointment is made and we’ll have to act quickly, the first eggs are due at the end of the week ! 🙂

Eggs have arrived on site :

The fertilized eggs from the incubator

There are two distinct batches with two different hatching dates. Camille will decide to which hens she choses to give the eggs, considering she knows her animals better than anyone else 🙂 .

Black hen in straw


First batch : 8th September

Hatching date around the 29th of September (or even a day early !) we have :

  • 1 egg : «Croc 7» for a future brahpi (see article on brahpis) thanks to miss Croc, black brahma and mister Anka, black orpington (chocolate gene carrier)
  • 1 egg : «Ihema 26», from the Blue brahma family : miss Ihema, blue brahma hen and mister Country, blue brahma rooster. The future baby chick will either be blue, black or splash…surprise !!
  • 2 eggs : «Leila 7» and «Leila 8» future brahpis also ! Leila is a blue brahma and our dear Anka is the father once again !

Second batch : 10th September

Hatching date around the 1st of October (or earlier) we have :

So we’ll back soon with some news on how things are going !! 🙂


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