Baby chicks and mother

How are the chicks doing ?

Hi, this is Camille coming back to you to give you an update on the baby chicks we talked about very recently 🙂 There’s nothing like a video to see how these guys are doing : Living conditions ? As you can see in the video, I let them...

Baby chicks out in the sun

The chicks are here !

Hello, it’s Camille again, I’m back with a new article ! I’m here to talk to you about…Baby chicks !!! Last week I told you about our egg story and today I bring you the good news, our chicks have hatched ! I was unable to take pictures for...

Grey and the rooster

Chicken Family portraits : Alma the Great

This article was written by Camille, a story about her chickens and her great rooster : Alma 🙂 It’s Camille expressing herself in the article My first chickens I’ve always wanted to have chickens, when we moved to the countryside it was obvious that there would be a place...

Fertilized eggs in an incubator

A new egg story !

Here’s a new egg story and I hope a futur chick one ! 🙂 How it all started Autumn comes and I have a few eggs remaining in the incubator. I use these eggs to do fertility tests and I hate interrupting life cycles…Usually I place them under brooding...

A rooster and a hen ardennaise

Golden ardennaise bantam hen

Today we introduce you to another one of our breeding couples . Their story… We have Em’ and Envol, our mini golden ARDENNAISE bantam subjects. They were both born here with us in June 2014, from fertilized eggs that we had bought in Sancoins, in a place with many...

Baby chick held in a hand

Chicken Family portraits : Diabolo the orpington bantam

Tonight I have chosen to draw Diabolo’s portrait, he’s finally up and running after this afternoon’s incident which nearly cost him his life… I honestly didn’t think he would recover because he wasn’t moving at all. I had a great surprise when I got back inside and saw him...

Dark trees and yellow sunset

Keeping them from killing Diabolo…

When you’ve just come back from the osteopath who told you to : “stay calm for a few days, especially today…we’ll see you in a month with a new course of treatment”, you really want to spend the end of the day calm and relaxed, to let your body...

Grey chick with two yellow chicks

Today I saved a chick…

Natural brooding Yesterday we made sure that the third and last egg under Black was still alive and on it’s way to hatching. The unique ‘pip’ noise inside the shell made me think that it was on it’s way to join it’s brothers and sisters under their mother. This morning...

Young chicken walking in the grass

Discovering Brahmaland

Hello ! I am Diane, Gaëlle’s new partner…I’m a 19 year old student. I’m currently following studies in nature protection and management in France. I’ve always loved horse riding (that’s how Gaëlle and I met !!). I have many animals at home including chickens of course !! 🙂 I’m going...

Brahma baby chick walking in the grass

My answers to your questions about Brahmaland

I’ve recently offered to answer all the questions asked about a video filmed in spring here in brahmaland Here are the answers to your questions 🙂 What type of bedding do you use in the chicken coops and what thickness ? We use dust-free wood shavings and shredded linseed...