Two brahpi chicks

Have the baby chicks grown ?


Hi, it’s Camille writing an update on the chick situation ! That way you can see them grow and change over the next weeks….

They’re all doing fine, we have lovely weather here in the center of France and it feels like summer ! The chicks can sunbathe all day long and eat nice green grass and herbs. Perfect weather until their feathers grow 🙂

They’re already quite independent and adventurous, they love to fight over a small earthworm ! Whenever I get the chance I love sitting with them and just watching them interact. Scarlett‘s chicks are very friendly and easily end up on your lap, thanks to their mother who is also a ‘pet chicken‘ 🙂 Birdy likes to be left alone and her chicks are the same ! Jwayi and Jazzy like to keep a good distance from me 🙂 Well, when I bring a treat, they all overcome their trust issues !!!

Here’s a few pictures taken when they were two weeks old so you can appreciate how they’ve changed 🙂

Scarlett‘s family :


Baby chick in the grass

Janka the chocolate colored chick !


Chocolate colored baby chick

Janka, two weeks old



Two week old chick

Baby Jalma, 2 weeks old


Baby chick

Jalma : 2 weeks old brahpi chick



Chocolate colored baby chick

Chocolate colored Jahpi


Baby brahpi chick

Little Jahpi, 2 weeks old


Baby chick

Jahpi, baby brahpi


Birdy‘s family :


Baby brahma chick

Jazzy, the splash brahma chick


Baby chick in the sun

Baby brahma chicks, 2 weeks old !



Black baby brahpi chick

Beautiful black chick !


Black baby chick

Jwayi, the black brahpi chick !

Hope you like our chicken family portraits, we’ll be back soon with some news and new articles 🙂

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