Brown baby chick

The Brahpi


An article with less text and more pictures, enjoy !

What is a brahpi ?

It’s just a chick 🙂 !

A very special chick because he’s the result of a non-wanted union between a bantam orpington rooster and a brahma hen. the contraction between Brahma & Orpi give us Brahpi !! 🙂

I like it and I find it fun…:-)

Why the brahpi ?

We had absolutely no intention of creating this cross-breed, I only wanted to make sure that the newly-laid eggs from one of our hens were fertilized by the bantam roosters living with her in the maternity. Envol, our small Ardennais rooster never managed because of the brahmas’ size but this year Anka is larger in size and manages very well apparently !

The answer to my initial question was yes : Anka takes great care of the hens and the eggs are perfectly fertilized ! I wasn’t looking for that particular result but it’s what we have so we’ll have to deal with it for the time being.

At the time I needed incubating eggs to put under several brooder hens. That’s how Brahpi, the very first brahpi chick was born at the beginning of August, under two pekin bantams : A chocolate-colored chick, very round, fluffy and very attractive. 🙂

Sometimes cross-breeds are a success, especially when mankind doesn’t interfere.

Brahpi, the first chocolate brahpi

Brahpi has a mother, Silver, a silver lined partridge brahma and a father, Anka, our little black orpington rooster, chocolate gene-carrier.

I was wondering what the chick would look like, I’m surprised but not at all disappointed !! Now, it’s just a baby chick, going through adolescence, we’ll have to wait a few months to see what he looks like !! 🙂

He’s 6 weeks old and looks like a baby ostrich !! With a long neck that he stretches easily to have a good look around !

Here is a picture of Brahpi :
2 day-old chick in a person's hand

2 day-old Brahpi

And his parents :
rooster standing in grass


Brahma hen drinking


Gelka, the second chocolate brahpi !

After new fertility tests with another hen …. A second brahpi was born last friday ! 🙂

He’s even more good-looking and attractive than the first one !! Very round, lovely chocolate color with lighter marks on the head !!

This time, his mother, a buff columbian brahma hen, is E-Luna, and the father is the same ! It’s interesting to notice that the chocolate color gene seems to be dominant.

Here is Gelka :
2 day-old baby chick

2 day-old Gelka

And his parents :
Brahma hen


Black rooster


Videos of brahpi chicks with their families !

Brahpi :

The pekin family didn’t really want to be filmed…I quit after a few tries…

Gelka :

Mommy Ceylan was much calmer, it took me less time to get a decent film !! 🙂


You’ll soon be hearing more about these fun chicks !

Do you like the result ? What do you think ?


Baby chick standing in the grass

Brahpi wishes you a very nice day 🙂




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