A plate filled with homemade chick mash and a spoon to serve it

Recipe for homemade dairy and meat free chick mash


If you have some baby chicks at home, you’ve probably nocited that they prefer homemade feed or mash !

Here in Brahmaland, all our chickens have their daily homemade mash ! The baby chicks even have their own, they also have traditional feed at their disposal at all times.

Here is a homemade recipe that many chicks were very glad to taste :

To make this ‘homemade mash’, you will need :

  • Plate of flat beans, a bowl with rice and another with crushed wheat, a potato and a piece of bread.

    Ingredients for special chick mash !

    A few cooked flat beans or green beans

  • cooked rice
  • crushed wheat
  • a boiled potato
  • stale bread

How to proceed :

  • cut the beans into very small pieces, a big spoonful for 6 baby chicks
  • add a spoon of rice
  • half of the potato nicely mashed-up, this should stick everything together
  • then, add a nice spoonful of crushed wheat and stale bread, in crumbs if needed
  • mix well

Dinner’s ready !!

6 baby chicks eating homemade mash on a plate.

Mash tasting by professionals !

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  2. Janel

    Is this suitable for turkey chicks as well? Ty

    1. Gaëlle Dobignard

      Hello !

      Yes of course 🙂

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