Anka : the black bantam orpginton rooster

Anka the great chicken !


Do you remember our little chick Anka, born earlier this year ?

A bantam orpington chick that I would’ve liked to be a hen but was meant to be a rooster…

Time has gone by and today Anka is already 4 months old. He has left the comfy kitchen nest to live in the courtyard with the others, ruled by mister Envol.

As soon as he has the chance he manages to get inside the house to come and meet the new chicks ! Check out the video where he is Chick sitting (we do incredible things to be able to eat homemade chick feed) in the kitchen !!

Anka has become a very independant rooster (spending less time with AB and Best). He prefers to follow me around or just wander on his own in search for a little hen friend 🙂

A few days ago, he was walking next to me on the path, I wanted to see if he remembered the things I taught him when he was little :

Anka the chick learns to ‘touch’

I didn’t have the little fabric chickens since we were outside but I tried the exercise with a big purple ring and some dried worms that always help chickens find the right solution !! 🙂

In just a few seconds, Anka touched and picked up the plastic ring when ordered ‘Anka, touch ?’.

Great to see that he hadn’t forgotten anything ! Chickens have an incredible memory and brilliant learning skills!

I improvised a little test with Anka a few days later in front of the camera with a new object to see if he would react in a positive way to a vocal command.

I let you discover this magical moment that makes me smile 🙂

You will also see how Anka has grown ! He has turned black (probably brown gene carrier)

Anka touches an object on command !!

So, what do you think about our nice little chicken ?

If you liked Anka’s story and videos, leave a comment below 🙂

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