Baby chicks and mother

How are the chicks doing ?


Hi, this is Camille coming back to you to give you an update on the baby chicks we talked about very recently 🙂

There’s nothing like a video to see how these guys are doing :

Living conditions ?

As you can see in the video, I let them out everyday in a private pen, when there’re a bit older they’ll be able to go back with the others, they sleep with all my chickens at night to ‘keep in touch’ but I prefer having them in a secure space during the day. Also, my wonderful dog, Zoe, makes sure the predators stay away 🙂

Their feathers are starting to grow…look at how cute they are !

Scarlett’s family

3 baby chicks

Scarlett’s family, 8 days old !

This one of Janka, really makes me smile 🙂

Baby chick

Pirate chick !

Birdy’s family :

Baby chicks

Birdy’s chicks, 8 days old

Baby chicks

Jazzy and Jwayi

They’re really enjoying the sun these days and it’s about to get warmer here in the center of France ! New pictures coming soon ….

Write to you soon 🙂

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