Three baby chicks eating homemade mash on a plate.

Basic recipe for homemade baby chick feed


Today I would like to give you my basic recipe for homemade baby chick feed, you can always add other ingredients but these are the key elements.

This is the one I use for new borns (3-4 days old) but also for the ones recovering from something or as comfort food for youngsters having trouble pecking. 

Plate and bowls filled with a hard-boiled egg, breadcrumbs and chopped salad.

Basic ingredients : hard-boiled egg, dry breadcrumbs, salad.

This recipe is a must-have, they all love it !

Very easy to prepare, it’s a very good way to please them !

Here’s what you need :

  • – dry breadcrumbs
  • – salad, nettle, spinach, any edible green leaf…
  • – 1 egg


Directions :

1- Cook the egg for 10 minutes in boiling water until it’s hard-boiled

2- While the egg is cooking, crush the breadcrumbs, I use a pestle and mortar. Continue crushing until you have the right sized crumbs depending on the age and size of the baby chicks.

3- Cut the green leaves you have chosen into tiny pieces, scissors work best.

Plate filled with homemade chick mash.

Looks so good I could eat some myself !

4- Once the egg is hard-boiled, rinse it under cold water to cool it down, peel off the shell (you can crush it to feed the older chickens) and crush them whole with a fork into very small bits.

5- Mix the breadcrumbs with the eggs, if the mash is too soggy, you can always add some more bread. It’s more difficult the other way around ! Then, add the greens.

6- Mix well until you have something not too dry or too soggy, baby chicks will show you how they like it best !

Dinner is served !!

I usually feed the mash to them in two or three times throughout the day, it avoids wasting some of our special feed. You can store it in the fridge for a day or two.

As usual, our professional homemade mash tasters absolutely love it !

I found this recipe in a famous french book on poultry-yard.

Hope your little ones will like it 🙂

12 baby chicks eating homemade mash on a plate.

6 days old golden ardennais and blue brahma chicks just can’t stop !

Yellow baby chick eating homemade mash on a plate

Hazza, young recovering brahma enjoying his mash

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