Baby chicks out in the sun

The chicks are here !


Hello, it’s Camille again, I’m back with a new article ! I’m here to talk to you about…Baby chicks !!!

Last week I told you about our egg story and today I bring you the good news, our chicks have hatched ! I was unable to take pictures for a few days because the rain prevented me from letting them out of the chicken coop…

First chicks !

The first batch of eggs were placed under Scarlett, she’s a very gentle mother and I new she’d take great care of her brahpi chicks 🙂

  • 1 egg : «Croc 7» brahpi chick (see article on brahpis) thanks to miss Croc, black brahma and mister Anka, black orpington (chocolate gene carrier). We named it Jahpi :-), it looks like a chocolate colored chick !
Baby brahpi chick

5 day old Jahpi

  • 2 eggs : «Leila 7» and «Leila 8» brahmas also ! One is named after it’s father, Janka and the other Jalma after my wonderful rooster Alma, he’ll be the one watching over these little guys !
Baby chick

5 day old Jalma

Baby chick

5 day old Janka

  • 1 egg : «Ihema 26», from the Blue brahma family

Unfotunately, this little one got stuck in its egg shell for a while, we couldn’t help it, too weak to make it out into the world 🙁


Second lot :

The second batch was given to Birdy, she’s a bit more scared of humans, not as close to us as Scarlett is but a great mother also !

Here’s little Jazzy, a beautiful splash brahma chick 🙂

Brahma chick

4 day old Jazzy

  • 1 egg : «Croc 10» brahpi ! 🙂 We welcomed a beautiful black chick, see for yourselves ! Hello to Jwayi 🙂
    Baby chick

    4 day old Jwayi

    We’ll be back soon with an update on the chicks so you can follow them and see how they grow !!



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