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A baby chick’s diary : box stories


P’Ang the baby chick is back with a new story to tell, she’s the one speaking in this article.


Greetings to all my readers !

I was very happy to read and to answer all your comments, it’s so comforting to feel supported, thank you so much 🙂 If you want to read and give me your opinion on my previous article, go ahead !

Last time I talked to you about Angarade and Joker , my official birth parents, here they are !

Wyandotte rooster standing up

Joker, wyandotte bantam rooster, blue laced silver, son of Mac. 🙂

Portrait of a hen

Angarade, best known as Gnafron, feather crested hen, crossed with god knows what !


Today I will talk to you about how we have (me and my friends) changed box once and for all.

P’Ang’s boxes

Since the day of my hatching (12th of May), I live in a nice cardboard box with my friends, inside a bigger box called “kitchen” where JF and Gaëlle also live and sometimes Malo the fat grey cat. I don’t trust him very much because he doesn’t really like to share (a bit like me). Especially when he wants to sleep on the same chair or when Mommy scratches his head.

the kitchen is part of an even larger box called “house”. From time to time, Anka, the orpington rooster comes inside the house and even enters our bedroom (the cardboard box). It makes me laugh every time  ’cause he makes so much noise !! He’s much too big to be in the “bedroom” box with us  but he just can’t help it !!

He keeps telling us stories about the time when he was a baby chick, in January this year, and he was always jumping around the house. He managed to get what he wanted, to be with Mom and Dad as much as possible, he even learned a few tricks and he loves it !

You know what, I’ll tell you a secret about Anka…A few weeks ago, Mommy received a strange email from a lady named Johanna Adjadj. She wanted him to be on television. Of course I have no idea what a television is, not even a show. Mommy explained to me that is was another box but that we didn’t have any at our place…(I still haven’t really figured out what it is, except from the fact that we our missing some boxes…)

She wanted to ask Anka to perform on “France’s got talent” but mommy answered that he was too young for it and that he wasn’t as trained as Jokgu. If you are not familiar with this amazing brahma hen, get a look at this video (Jogku‘s successful audition), I totally admire her ! 🙂

All these stories and souvenirs are taking me far away from the main subject of this article… Let’s put aside these famous “tv box” hens in this box that we don’t have and get back to our housing story !

With my friends we spend our day outside in a chicken wire box, placed in the Baby chick Garden. It’s a large box, with a roof on top that looks a bit like a “house” and inside it is another box where we can hide. If I get things right : A large box containing other boxes = a house 🙂

What I love about this place is that there are always some clovers to eat !

All my friends also like to come with me in the kitchen but they’re getting too big ! Sligo and Simla, two young vorwerk always manage to come inside but Mommy Gaëlle grumbles because the leave droppings everywhere. So she says that we’ll be moving to the garden soon. I’m a bit scared, I like to have two houses and to watch Mommy’s every move…

Tender loving care with Malo and Mommy

I‘ve said enough for today, I have to give the keyboard back to Mommy who says that my articles are way too long, she split my story in half, the other part should be posted tomorrow I think…I’m not too happy about it !!

I would love to have your opinion !!

Shorter or longer like this one ??

I have so much to tell, show, share with you … 🙂

Many pecks to you

Yours sincerely, P’Ang the chick


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