Baby chick looking straight at the camera

A baby chick’s diary : Discovering the world


P’ang is back to write this article on her exciting baby chick life here at Brahmaland !


Hello to all my readers !

First of all, I’d like to thank the 5 people who wrote a nice comment on my first french article. šŸ™‚

5 is not a lot…I have to admit that I was a bit sad when I found out but it’s always better then none. When Mommy GaĆ«lle writes something on the blog she doesn’t always get comments…If it were me I wouldn’t like that at all !

Apparently it’s Facebook’s fault, readers prefer to write over there. I’m not even allowed to go on Facebook, Mommy doesn’t want me to have an account… Otherwise I would go there and tell people what to do !!

I have to tell you a secret…you mustn’t tell GaĆ«lle : I was stepping on the keyboard and playing with the mouse when suddenly I ended up on Facebook, on Mommy’s page oeuf-poule-poussinĀ …(This one is only in french, if you want to understand something, follow us on egg2chickenĀ šŸ™‚ !!) It only happened once or twice (ok, 4 times actually…) to see what it looked like and why people like it. I didn’t really understand, many people write in small boxes and other people answer.

Even if I not allowed, I managed to “write” a few sentences back there, in the small boxes, to FranƧoise, a very nice person. FranƧoise was one of the few people who encouraged me to keep writing after my first official article, I’m so glad we could write to each other !

Anyway, after this absolutely fabulous introduction, I will get back to the main subject, talking to you about my childhood or chickhood !!


Who am I really ?

Mommy GaĆ«lle explained to me that all chicks come from an egg laid by a hen. I understood that GaĆ«lle doesn’t lay eggs, even if she’s my mother, she’s not a hen !

Portrait of a hen

Angarade, best known as Gnafron, feather crested hen, crossed with god knows what !

My real birth mother is Angarade, a very unique hen with a feather crest that gives her a strict look. People say I have the same look, no wonder I’m her daughter !

Angarade is very fond of Joker, she’s been with him for over a year now. He’s my official father, he fertilized the egg laid on the 19th of april this year. I have some of his wonderful grey and white colors (we should say blue and not grey when it comes to chicken feathers). He’s a blue laced silver wyandotte.

I haven’t met with them in person yet but I’m not sure it’ll be such a revelation !

My name is a contraction between the word Ang, short for Angarade, associated to all eggs laid by my mother and the letter P, matching the week I was born. In order to manage the chick hatching, the vaccination protocols, Gaƫlle gives each week a new letter.

That’s how my explicit and simple name was chosen : P’Ang.

Hey, P’Ang, that’s me !! I’m a very cheerful and lively baby chick, but I’m not as advanced for my age as was the famous Mascot’ (GaĆ«lle likes to compare me to my half-sister). I am P’Ang in my own unique and special way !

I’m am very single-minded when it comes to knowing what I want (or don’t want). I specifically like certain foods (videos below) but I’m not a big eater in general. I don’t enjoy hugs or strokes very much, but I love fly-hunting with Mommy GaĆ«lle, I’m getting quite good at it !!

P’Ang’s delicacies !!

To finish describing myself, I don’t like being far away from my friends, it makes me scream a bit and I like to tease them when I get out of our “bedroom” box to visit another very big box called the “kitchen”. Everyday we get in a small box (the baby chick bus) that takes us outside into the another bigger chicken wire box. There we can enjoy the open air, the warmth of the sun, and the clovers that I love ! I don’t travel inside the bus but on top of it, that way I can see everything.

I don’t really like when there are too many new things in the kitchen, like the newly hatched chicks or having to welcome Ukiah, abandoned too soon by his mom. In fact I really don’t like when GaĆ«lle spends some time with other baby chicks. The other night I even jumped from the piece of furniture where I had climbed….and I landed straight on Ukiah !! After GaĆ«lle had told me off a bit I went to pout on top of my box.

Although I don’t really like to be handled, I love to snuggle up against GaĆ«lle’s neck or shoulder. Slightly contradictory ? Ok, maybe ! That’s probably what makes me sooo cute !!


My time is up, I have to give the computer back to Mommy…Next time I’ll tell you about my moving day, would you like to know what happened at the very same time ?

Many pecks to you šŸ™‚

I really hope to have more than 5 comments at the bottom of this article this time around, I’m counting on my on line friends !

Yours sincerely, P’Ang the chick

>> Coming soon : Episode 3 of P’Ang’s diary..

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Baby chick portrait

5 weeks and a tiny piece of a crest

Baby chick looking at the camera

8 days later…a unique look !


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