Homemade baby chick carrot mash


Today I come to you with a brand new recipe that our chicks absolutely loved : Carrot mash !

I have in my kitchen, a new lot of little gourmet chicks that are not that easy to please !

  • Hop, young silver partridge brahma
  • Kol and Hazza two buff columbian brahmas
  • Duty and Dick two black niederrheiner

Ingredients :

  • Dry and stale crushed breadcrumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 1 small handful of sliced ham
  • half boiled potato
  • cooked wheat semolina to adjust the final aspect
  • ground carrots, in the blender with a bit of water or chopped in very small pieces with a knife

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Bowl and plate filled with carrot mash

Ready to be served !

Preparation :

– Mash the potatoes using a a forehand mix with the breadcrumbs.

– Mix the carrot with the rest of the mash, using a bit of the water used to blend them

– Add the egg using the amount needed to obtain a good texture

– Chop the ham slices to small pieces depending on the size of your chicks before mixing them up with the rest of the mash

– Use the semolina to get the right texture, one that your chicks like !


The mash is ready, dinner is served !! Tonight it’s homemade carrot mash !!

Tips : Prepare more than needed for one meal, store in fridge. That way they can enjoy it more than once !

Picture of our gourmet fluff balls enjoying their homemade dinner :

5 baby chicks eating mash on a plate

Hop, Dick,Duty, Kol and Hazza tasting their dinner !

What about you ??

Share your best recipes with us in the comment section below, what do your little ones love to eat ?



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