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A baby chick’s diary : Moving


You probably noticed while reading the last episode of ‘A baby chick’s diary’ that I had to cut the story in two. P’Ang is a very chatty little chick and the article was way too long ! She wasn’t very happy about it but here’s the second part, P’Ang is the one speaking šŸ™‚


P’Ang is moving out

On a sunny afternoon, not very warm though, Mommy and Daddy decided to do some DIY around our house (the one made out of chicken wire that I talked to you about). We were allowed to wander around everywhere with all the others, it was really fun but we didn’t get too close to Mac‘s baby chicks because she protects them very well. I’ve heard that she’s a great Mom and that she’s also my Grandma hen (because she’s Joker‘s Mom, do you follow ?) Well she’s very pretty (a bit like me!). But I paid attention to what GaĆ«lle and JF were doing while I was discovering this new wonderful environment

Our house is now oriented in another direction and the small box has disappeared, replaced by a much bigger one, made out of wood, with a door that closes but it can be opened from the bottom and from the top. In technical terms it’s called a chicken coop. I understand what it is now, it’ll be our new hiding place, there’s plenty of room for all seven of us !

Then Daddy and Mommy placed a fence all around it to make us our very own private garden,Ā covered with a green net supposed to protect us from flying predators (I remember when they came to attack the small baby chicks). Then they added a blue round box on the grass (perfect hiding place for us) and another black box, round too, to protect the ashes that we love to roll in. We still hadn’t see the round boxes, they look fun ! šŸ™‚

That night, GaĆ«lle doesn’t comme to get us in order to take us back to the house (the one where we have our box in the kitchen). It’s late and I don’t like it at all so my friends and I decide to gather and squeeze hard against each other to feel stronger, we even start to chirp without thinking.

Mommy comes at last but she’s not carrying the box that we use as a bus to go back inside. I really don’t like it and the sun is nearly gone. She starts explaining that we have our own house now, just for the 7 of us and that it would be a good idea to go inside it for the night. I think she had already told us but we weren’t really listening. She sprays something inside the coop to calm us down, it smells rather nice and I already know it because we use it during vaccination or worming time.

Anyway, even if it smells nice, nobody wants to go inside and we keep getting out as soon as she puts us in the wooden box ! This little chick dance lasts a few minutes but GaĆ«lle keeps on trying. So we formed a small pile in the corner of the box. GaĆ«lle looked sad to leave us here but it seemed important that we stayed there. All together in our ‘chick pile‘ we finally fell asleep after all these tiring emotions.

Chick standing on a woman's shoulder

Mommy GaĆ«lle and I in the ‘kitchen box’ of the big house

The next morning we woke up much earlier than usual and we hadn’t slept enough. We were all very tired ! During the day we stayed under the blu bow, it was nice and warm. Mommy was surprised to see us hide so much to sleep…She don’t like that very much.

The night visit

Second night, same ritual as the night before : we form a pile and we keep chirping, we are starting to lose our voice and we are very tired. We didn’t argue to much this time to get inside the box because it’s rather cold and much warmer inside come to think about it !

We were sound asleep, all 7 of us, when I heard a strange noise outside our house. But for us chicks, we are used to hearing all kinds of strange noises in Mommy and Daddy’s house and we have trouble explaining them and knowing what they are… I was awake and I felt a presence and I saw a big shadow enter our garden. We were all very scared. So we formed a pile again but this time, without a single noise.

The enormous shadow started scratching the chicken wire of our house. It even started to give up in some places. Then the door opened wide and the shadow got in. I wanted to scream, to call Mommy and Daddy but I was unable to move. Our small group of chicks had become a pile of shaking feathers.

Luckily for us, the wooden box is very safe and the door is hard to open. The shadow rummaged through our feeding dishes and left all of a sudden forcing it’s way out through the wire. We stayed together, very scared by this unexpected nocturnal visit that could’ve cost us our life.

In the morning, Mommy GaĆ«lle panicked when she saw the broken down wire and door. She found us safe and sound in our bedroom, but we weren’t feeling very well. Salsk, Shendi and I hardly touch our breakfast…Mommy doesn’t like that at all (and she’s right because we might be sick and that’s no fun at all…)


Someone is making signs and telling me that I have to stop writing again… It’s so hard to be a writingĀ chick in this house !

If you want to follow my stories, next time I’ll tell you about the weird disease that we all had and how I learned to count (and what we use it for).

Please, leave your comments in the dedicated section below, can’t wait to read you all šŸ™‚

Loads of little pecks to you all

P’Ang the chick

You know what ? In 3 nights we’ll be the 12th !!)



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