Skin lesions on a chick's wing and body

Skin disease, burn or simple irritation ?


Here’s what we have :

For a couple of days now, some of our baby chicks have skin lesions underneath their wings (both wing and body sides). We noticed the lesions while checking out one of them who seemed ill.

Scabs on the inside of a baby chick's wing

Intermediate state lesions underneath the wings

  • Some of them have reached the final stage, scabs are falling off leaving healthy skin in place.
  • On the picture above you can see the intermediate state, the lesions are drying up and the pain seems to have stopped.
  • Two chicks (Mikado et Lagon) are still in the acute phase, oozing scabs and “burnt-like” skin. Both are generally down and losing weight.
Scabs falling off baby chick's skin

Lutin has very few scabs left, ready to fall off

Skin lesions on a chick's wing and body

Considerable lesion underneath the wing and body of baby chick Lagon


We have no idea what this problem might be or its causes and therefore how we can help our chicks recover and feel better.

Is it infectious ? Only 7 baby chicks out of 23 have lesions and all in different stages.

Searching the internet, we weren’t able to find any matching description of a disease, allergy or skin irritation. And we can’t get ahold of a vet for now so we’ll have to wait tomorrow for an expert to answer our questions !

Video of the lesions

Care given to the affected chicks :

We used an iodine-based antiseptic and antifungal, betadine, to dry up the scabs and clean the compromised tissue.

=> Later on we learned that poultry in general have trouble eliminating iodine so we decided to stop using it.

I applied a very moisturizing creamCrémendula, before setting them free this morning.

=> The most effective treatment was talcum powder, all 7 baby chicks had a speedy recovery 🙂

Help more than welcome !

If you have already experienced this issue on your chicks, please share your tips and testimony with us…



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