Anka : Baby chick standing in a person's hand

Anka & AB


A little while ago, three little baby chicks came into our world, one of them (Alex) died brutally which leaves many unanswered questions…

What we know for sure is that these three baby chicks interacted with us in a very peculiar way. Their behavior was very different than usual. Only three hatched at the same time so they hardly had any competition.

Today, Anka and AB have completely changed since Alex left us. It’s difficult to explain but it’s as if they didn’t allow each other to ‘live’, to interact normally, always holding back. It’s strange in a way but the fact is they have completely changed now ! We recently had another similar case of two pekin bantams who had been raised together. The pullet’s behavior changed drastically when her brother died after a long illness, she became happy, curious and she finally started to grow !

I’m relieved because I can interact with Anka and AB now and enjoy their company, when they agree ! It’s night and day compared to the beginning !

I don’t have the time nor the courage to write a long article for now so I let you enjoy two short videos of these perfectly “normal” baby chicks in action ! 🙂 No comment needed !

Baby chick on a woman's shoulder

Anka on my shoulder for the first time !

Baby chick : Anka

Dwarf orpington chick by :

  • Miss Fico (by Picorett’ and Choc’orpi) black bantam orpington
  • Mister Ba-nania , chocolate bantam orpington

Anka should (in theory) be a chocolate pullet…only future will tell us…or not ! 🙂

Baby chick in a person's hand

5 day-old AB

Baby chick : AB

Standard (large) brahma chick by:

Young Canyon (daughter of BN and Caradoc) blue brahma

One of the two blue brahma roosters of the chicken run : Nallan or Citrix

Looks like AB should be a black brahma, to be confirmed…

That’s all for today 🙂

Goodbye from AB !

Baby chick held against a person's chest

Curious little AB !





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