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A baby chick’s diary : The first days of life


Today I’ve decided to let a very special being write instead of me. This little chick came into our lives 2 months ago and she’s got a lot to say !

She’s very likely to become a great “hen-house news and gossip” reporter !

P’Ang is the one speaking in this text :

Hello everybody !

I’ve been waiting such a long time to write on this blog but Mommy Gaëlle wouldn’t let me, she kept telling me « You’ll have to wait till you’re older, P’Ang ! ».

P'Ang : Baby chick looking towards the camera

Only 5 weeks old and I’m already on the desk

But I kept asking « When will I be old enough ? » and she answered me that I’d have to wait for my two month anniversary and also know how to use the keyboard and all that !

While waiting to be old enough, I practiced by jumping on the desk, discovering this big working space. I realised that I’d have to be a certain weight in order to type and of course be very careful otherwise I’d write complete nonsense !

I started writing to Grandpa & Grandma, to practice. I still make a few mistakes sometimes but I am now allowed to write articles !! The 14th of july is an important date for me !

I will now introduce myself ! Hope you will like my first article !


I was born on a friday, may 12, in a warm and humid plastic box called an incubator. It wasn’t very confortable and even though I kept calling, no one answered. And suddenly, mommy smiled at me, took me out of there to dry me. Here’s a video of this very moment that I’d like to share with you :

VIDEO P’ang the chick : Hatching

Then mommy Gaëlle put me in another box (there are a lot of boxes around here) with other chicks to dry and let my down fluff up. At last, I had some company.

Baby chick in front of computer screen

In the evening, I write to Grandma and Grandpa

My down fluffed up like the others but I also have a cute little tuft of feathers on my head that makes Gaëlle smile.

We had a little chat and then we slept a lot beacause hatching is a difficult and tiring moment. We are now happy to be warm, leaning against each other, forming a pile of chicks !

Baby chick in brooder

I was counting the days on my bedroom’s walls !

Then we were separated into small groups : the two little pekin bantams were placed under broody hens to be raised by real mommy hens with the risks that come with it. The two black brahmas and I stayed in a cardboard box where we met other older chicks. This box (called a brooder) is like my bedroom, I sleep a lot during my first days of life, under a warm black thing. The ‘chick pile’ is now hidden under this and confortable warmer or heating plate.

The older 2 week chicks, teach me what I should and shouldn’t eat. I listen very carefully to what they have to say and try to remember everything before we go outside in a big chicken wired box.

With me, there is also Niamey, a brahma chick, who tells me that if he can walk normally now it’s thanks to Daddy JF and Mommy Gaëlle. Apparently when ha was born, he had a twisted leg and his foot couldn’t hold him, he couldn’t walk, poor thing….

A chick that cannot walk = a dead chick

VIDEO P’Ang the chick : Niamey’s story

When Niamey was born, his foot and toes were immediatly bandaged in order to straighten everything up. If he hadn’t told me his story I would never have guessed ! Now he’s always jumping about ! He’s always asking for Gaëlle’s or JF’s attention, he loves them !

Baby chick standing up with a bandaged foot

4 day old Niamey : despite the bandage, the joint was very twisted.

Mommy picks me up everyday, but I’m not really sure about it, I keep screaming. I prefer being with my friends. She’s a bit upset sometimes but she’ll get used to it !


I’m going to stop here for now, my feet are numb !! It’s very hard work !

If you want to hear the rest of my story, why my name is P’Ang, what I like most, how I spend my days, how I make Gaëlle laugh, etc…Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page. (Mommy told me when she published my story online!)

Thank you for reading my article and I would like to thank Gaëlle for letting me use the desk, computer and blog to share with you my chick life 🙂

P’Ang the chick

Baby chick laying down on a mouse pad.

Resting after all this work !


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