Grey and yellow baby chick held up in a person's hand

Welcoming and Adopting baby chicks (Part 3/3)


Everything is ready for the big day ! 🙂

General remarks

If you have an incubator, what a great way to welcome into the world some baby chicks after 21 days ! The whole family or a classroom will be amazed to see all those baby chicks hatching.

If you have a couple hens wanting to be moms, you can always purchase some fertilized eggs and leave the hen do the work ! But sometimes it can also be frustrating as nature has its own ways and the hen might not always be the best mom. 🙂

If you don’t have any of those, you can always buy day old chicks. If the breeder only sells you female chicks, ask yourself what the males became. Small breeders can also be responsable for animal abuse

A good thing about welcoming very young chicks is the fact that they will rapidly get used to you and you will be able to create a bond and even teach them some skills !

If you do not wish to create such a close relationship, you should prefer buying older chicks, at least 3 weeks old. They will be fully vaccinated and will have a more mature immune system.

Chose them wisely as the food they will have received in their first few weeks will influence their future health.

If you need to treat an ill chicken, a well handled one, used to being held will be less stressed out.Stress in poultry is often responsible for death.

Baby chick sitting on a woman's shoulder

Future interactions will be much easier if a close relationship is established with young subjects

Choosing your future chicks

Depending on how much room they will have, what you want to do with them, choosing your chicks will take some time. What are your goals ? Having a few pet chickens, producing your own eggs, breeding, etc.

The breeder should be able to recommend which breed to chose or avoid.

When you’ve made up your mind on which breed and color you want, you can go looking for baby chicks ! It’s not always that easy to find the exact one … !

Some breeders will hatch the chicks you want for you, what a convenient solution !

Where to find baby chicks ?

5 baby chicks standing in a plastic box on a table

Brahma and wyandotte chicks whith fluffy downs, ready to go in the brooder

That’s a good question that many of you ask ! You can always find amateur and professional breeders on the internet, for instance. Some will have beautiful subjetcs selected after years of chicken showing and others will just be amateurs with their lovely backyard chickens !

You can also get in touch with the breed associations and get contact infos.

The most important thing is to see how the chickens are bred, in which environment and how they are fed, treated…

(Photo : Brahma and wyandotte chicks whith fluffy downs, ready to go in the brooder. Légende : few hour-old chicks)

Brahmaland chicks 🙂

  • You can purchase chicks directly from us, depending on hatching rates. Of course we are in the center of France, it may be a long ride for you !!
  • You can also make reservations and have us hatch the chicks you want, chosing the breed, etc.

You will find an up-to-date list here : Brahmaland’s shop

Whenever I have the time I will post chick ‘portraits’ for you to be able to make the right choice !

I would like to remind you that our goal is not to hatch as many chicks as possible, we just leave in the incubator the ones that allow us to do fertility tests.

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